Best Position To Sleep In.

Wednesday, April 11th

Sean, Charley and Matty discuss the best and worst positions to sleep in and what they do to your body


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They say that there's some ways that you should not sleep. Because they are bad for you. But most people sleep in a position that is bad for them OK like what they. If you sleep on your side like I do most people sleep on their side they say don't do that that's bad for you to give you shoulder and hip pain again here's the problem I'm asleep I don't know what I'm doing it could also increase your heart burn. If you sleep on your side you know worst position to sleep in. Is the position they go more pile slipped in and you might remember that if you were watch and Andy Griffith show every day while I'm thirty did you ever look at me about. A coma idea Goldberg slipped on his stomach. Seventy no 7% of people often sleep on their stomach to put pressure on your entire body. You can wake up with novel numbness and tingling I you assume it as I'm getting older kid like my arms that way anymore drill you gotta get that look that. Yards shorter colder it. No underestimating the best. For your back. Only 8% of people do this regularly but the best position for reducing aches and pains in through do the best on your body was sleeping. Obviously were flat on your back and I can't do that most people snore and sets how all the spiders in your man. Your line there rebounds over. Yeah.