Best Food From All 30 Baseball Stadiums

Thursday, March 15th

Sean tells Matty and Charley about the Inagural MLB Food Fest in New York City that serves the best food from all 30 baseball stadiums.


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For those of you who are thinking about baseball good news high point is gonna really really happened for real Zardari doing the the ballpark downtown well as we do they were building it. But it's a special they've been approved the Atlantic league a professional baseball clubs have approved the team. And LBS starting in toy nineteen. I hope they have some good food items to the stadium food the inaugural MLB food fest is happening next month in new York city new exit eight. If you love stadium food this is almost worth the trip. It's the best mood from all thirty MLB stadiums around like the Arizona Diamondbacks sure road dog. And the Houston Astros chicken and waffle cone that's us and the San Fran giants crazy crab sandwich sets are ongoing this year are you for real they're going to San Fran is here what if that would travel well it's a crab in it might not put a couple of my carry on Wednesday at school when you'll be popular that LA Dodgers cheap to gloat. Was a cheap to load I don't know but I want one like an analog to different here's the Seattle Mariners most popular item boo toasted grasshoppers. Now I don't know where there didn't see that St. Louis Cardinals have the hot salami sandwich. Then the Yankees have the could go blow blow us sandwich. I don't know what that is either well you know I'm in advance all of that in this is a festival yet to taste all of these things yes I did stiff the Greensboro grasshoppers were going to be there they'd have they're Smart snack healthy option. And nights he wants a.