Be Nice To Your Co-workers

Friday, August 4th

Sean, Charley and Matty talk about how being nice to your co-workers can make everyones day better.


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987 Simon play in everything a virtual player Friday careful high kicking some just flew off of your studded boost. There are mentor my pain has got a gross 3363730987. Is our number we would love to play some four number actual player Friday because we're just nice like that and be a nice when you get to work apparently is good for everybody I don't know. And this study says that if you're nice to your colleagues that actually also makes you feel good. They had to study these people ever a couple weeks and they had people on the receiving end of either nice gestures are not so nice gestures. And the people on the receiving end of course were happy but the people who gave those. Nice gesture also felt better we'll. Who's to say what's nice and what isn't so I mean this is all very subjective isn't it you know shot that's a really nice thing have you to say that really gets remarried that Charlie I really appreciate you telling us about this today thank you guys you just seemed kind of given how hey you feeling right now off catch up. How dare you tell you I really thank you for asking. To wit answer are you feeling very occasionally it does woozy with your fake nice you're welcome okay. Can't but seriously. What who's to say what nice is just you know if you've done something ego out of here way for someone or you make a point to complement damage from what I do all day every day since you. Yes I really do and then I'll get is these two blue type of questions. That we're gonna hurt my nice this is that now allow the book I'm doing it down. You are why you are watch how nice this is paying me I would love to play a song for you do you have a song that you love for me to play for you go ahead. I can feel it myself living here on the chart and what I want to do Billy Idol connection with my self help. See that maybe feel good food.