Bar Birthday

Friday, September 22nd

Sean tells Charley & Matty about the funny story of a birthday gathering at a bar taking a crazy turn when one person poses a question on social media.


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We play everything user request today on virtual player Friday we love this state 3363730987. Is number happy birth. Hey hey hey hey you got there there was a guy wanna to bar was buddies for Europe for the birthday. And he tweeted out a request is say hey it's my buddy's birthday we're at this bar. Why don't you buy him a drink. That's an interesting tactic admit I would assert that I would think ought to let you get a lot of drinks that way well what ended up happening was they got a lot of stuff. Sent to the table people out there on Twitter saw the request a Bubba what you drink and they said okay. They went through the boot boot places website. And they were ordering from all over the world well and Cindy and him. Glasses of milk nonalcoholic Beers could. She's and that's how I won a scoop of ice cream at weight on the green peas. Pot of blue she. I don't likeness and that one picture division the pros who have was. Of fruit shot. A glass of milk and a cup of crispy onions no name a more iconic trio. And at. Makes us to go right get that big cocktail you know if you hate your odd obligated to eat and drink all of them it's all three it's in the good spirit good morning welcome to show. Hey you there on our. Pointers and turned he shot. All you those whom we jumped for your loan this afternoon. It to me.