Bad Drivers Are Really Good Drivers!

Friday, September 23rd

Sean tells Charley and Matty that those bad drivers are really good drivers!


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DT move. Not it's decidedly did everything for you all bets what player Friday. You hate the mergers I know you hate the mergers when you're out there in traffic and there's a sign up that says. Let's play closed ahead and you do the right thing and you merge and some might flies by and then they wanna get back in later mom though that's me. We'll see. People are urging to still no you know what she is have you absolutely scientifically correct I hanged here I hate those people who do that and fly up when you're already in the lane you're supposed to be in and they fly up and wanna get back in right but. Transportation people say that is exactly how you're supposed to do it's called the zipper method. You emerge when traffic is really really congested view you do a late merge strategy in which drivers use the entire roadway and take turns. Merger from the emergent into the lane is still open from the close play instead of doing it early which causes a major more major backup is what they say. Because you got one whole lane and no one's N and it can go for models the Ford actually get stand it she's a one lane she's right they say if we all did the zipper method. That we would reduce our wait times 35%. In those kind of backed things you. I'd find it Imus are being that guy. I'm gonna be flying along and just give people try to block me I know like it did on the middle lane and try to block me from coming down like it's do you hear music. You heard it here and welcome to the actual player Friday morning and hum are well goods are known by whereabouts about weighing children still live and our Manila. Was last time here this. Wow culture and naked William Dafoe Roland around the around nine.