Are You Worried About Your Facebook Feed

Thursday, February 8th

Sean informs Matty and Charley that Facebook will NOT show post from the same 25 people on your feed.


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Let's talk a hook on some if you've been real worried about your FaceBook read. And if you've been asking your friends to post a hello yeah a lot of people have been doing that geez everybody's doing about it is that real know even LBJ was doing it. If if you use instant FaceBook is not going to limit status updates to your news feed to 25 people. There's that thing has been going around that says the new algorithm controlling Facebook's news news feed now shows only post from the same few people. So take a minute and say hello here so that I'll continue hearing from you and vice Versa I thought. That's what they had been doing and now that they've decided not to put so many ads and pages in right but now it's gonna open a back up to now haven't seen a long time. No this this is all fake it's been snow sleet and snow says it's actually been around for good while but it's just suddenly like in the past week and blown up. FaceBook says friends don't let friends copy and paste means it's there and this one simply is not true. We rank news feed based on how relevant each post might be TU. And while we've made some updates that could increase the number of posts you've seen from your friends your news feed isn't limited to 25 of them. So boom. But if you care about people saying hello anyway. I do think it is based on how you interact with people so inner pact you have managed a blood do your hello from you at some point in life ever I would think your posts and unseeded here. Medical. Remember him. Hard. He's in the background.