Friday, February 23rd

studies have shown that women who make the first move are more lucky in love. Sean reads a survey to Matty and Charley.


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97 Simon and again I'm still play and all of your request a vegetable plate of Friday will only get one week re LL William Blum. Is there an hour. And get on the rally 3363730987. As the number of people are Buena request so we love to hear from me and arguably. A first move maker. Do would you say Charlie. I am what are we talking about in the you know out in the world out in the dating world those people out there in the dating world are you a woman who makes the first move now and lay back. I laid back they say here in this survey a look and a women who do make the first move. Are more lucky in love in the long run really but I mean that that's not the that's not the golden rule and not trying to ruin everything for you don't you dare listen to this survey. Who pulpits and I'm good at. I don't mean that what do you think about amendment the first Marine Corps without you intimidate ring hit a line that's what I say I don't care you know c.'s meet the hassle of getting turned down all the time as well and turned all the time leader in Iran well every yeah. They say that any any any of that attention like whether it's a smile a nada licking of the mayor army she might be swat at a fly and I think he's tension out. I'm in man a hero and an okay fit Texan just keep that in mind this week and whatever you do pay good morning welcome to get a show would subway you. Hey this could see him only he would not picket aren't there. How man that was called on just it gallant play confident Kid Rock forming the outlook for him. Now was amazing and thank them you're welcome. I. The marine.