Are These Your Bedtime Pet Peeves?

Thursday, August 31st

Sean runs down the list of bedtime pet peeves with Charley & Matty to see what really grinds people's gears when it comes to sharing a bed with your significant other. 


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And collects. Robbins. When we got to show me don't forget about us tomorrow on virtual player Friday we're gonna be starting off the labour day long weekend full request. Love the place back school action or some in the summer or whatever your into its installed by you tomorrow and the whole weekend long. What do you think is the biggest sleep it eat as people are waking up across the land this morning. What is the biggest sleep that he'd like with someone else does you any idea why no hearing you'd have to have somebody else in the bed. For freedom have won and so that's snoring your either lucky or lonely depending on how you look at it. Do you know what snoring it has fallen from number one really yes. Dance and up two notches on the chart it's stealing the covers still recovers has become the biggest problem in the bed. Ahmadinejad man you could tell that they all the way and the other side and I'll end up with all seats. Really the news on a roller you could see I don't even use I I might use his feet. So I'm probably the perfect person in his sleep well look at. I'll take your word for that but I just like extra lung covers so then. You don't have to keep pulling them from side to side the men say they can't stand it when women eat food in the bed with them I don't ever do that. I don't know anyone who eats a dead I don't either what I. It ain't easy match. Go to bed since these are men who would pick a woman out of bed for eating crackers might think and number two for men after that. His lead in the pets sleep in the bed you ask can I give that a control and that's after that is. The room is too high. We have just the temperature that has to be a big problem and this is a shock to everybody I bet they say the couples who have larger beds have fewer problems yeah yet. You get that Jiang king size bed you're fine in my it'll be nobody neck and the couples who sleep like Dick and dyke and his wife and twin Barack there's a happy is there are hey what if they're down the route down the hall in another room. Better these. Moaning and.