Are Men Scared Of Aggressive Women?

Friday, September 23rd

Women are you too aggressive? Sean tells Matty and Charley that men are scared of aggressive women.


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Owes it to Rio on 98 sevenths. We play everything and we love to do this with you and for you it's a virtual player Friday edition. 3363730987. Is our number this I'm interested in this I can I don't ask though. Because I need to ask a man. Well a late match well it's near Madison and they've got to study out researchers say the men. Feel serious anxiousness. Anxiety. When they date a woman who is aggressive romantically. You know. This scare you off now. Are you. Now this is a question you might or might not want to answer are you aggressive romantically you know what it means I don't think so that I asked should be so I don't administered. You've been asked would see that puts him in control if he asks you to be aggressive than he's starting that if you walked in aggressive. They say that yours that scares a man have to debt or how aggressive or it's occupied. But I just feel bad for these women out there who are scary men and if you're aggressive woman and you feel like your misunderstood. I would be happy to let you know if you're too aggressive and act c'mon by the station we can talk about it it's drag you may have sunshine helping out Italy in any if you're aggressive come on yeah I'll see if I can stand it. Busily staggered that I would love this show is happening but it. Could engine rob Bartlett virtually every other book out and pass. Corporation and apple are. Do. We're not an aggressive woman goes ansari answered lines three.