Are Meetings Still Putting You To Sleep? Sean Has The Cure!

Monday, September 12th

Sean gives Charley and Matty flawless tips on how not to fall asleep in meetings.


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Scenario in 987 Simon we play everything you know is Izturis made yet now that yeah Buffalo's stance I forgot about that's all I heard that song of the details like I legalized sister Aaliyah ever knows that. I've told you about this meetings are put people's sleep it's been proven time and time yeah. 40% of people fall asleep during meetings at work it's it's really. Coming epidemic. And I have or I told you guys about this curable why haven't you ever get this to me I mostly been every meeting ever I've told you. In that usually happens after 2 o'clock so feel free to use this and what you do this also helps if you're sleepy driving. Aha you take the water and you've got to water with your all time is right this is gonna and got it on your head no you'll dumping on it. You're in a sleepy meeting everybody's drone and on about whatever their issues are you take a big gulp of water and just hold in the amount already watched. Terry got assisting and he says and now he's got a lot of water and is now now lots as I take my pants off and on it yet. That's. Taking everywhere I am and then you take back into an ego. And shoot it everywhere seekers people eat that that is affected you saw me there I would there was no way of falsely Jews and rightly wants round if he didn't exactly. You're gonna choke on the line or it's gonna fall out audio onto your clothes and UBS spectacles are neither one of those is good for meeting though only just lawless is the head tilts back in and do that links in order. Thank you paid consultants. Probably not gonna happen assuming there. Yeah I don't know.