Are aliens real?

Monday, July 2nd

Sean, Matty and Charley read about scientist saying aliens aren’t real but are they right?

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Good good good good shows here in 987 Simon in just two days from now it's fun fourth time downtown Greensboro look for the very sun burned bald head on Matty over there handed out to hand may not have a hat I'll take you very much more sunscreen will ask would you say it's a fly out seat and maybe. We told you the other day how science is now have told us there are no ET's there's no aliens have elderly I disagree would you guys why why we're now want to believe man. North Carolina make in the news today because David Anderson was driving down 52 Winston-Salem over the weekend and videotaped a UFO policy. Lights in the well it's UFO that doesn't mean it's aliens somebody's limit is an item of wall somebody how do you know today we. I make getting. Yeah it is pretty cool though in its worldwide it's all over the place I looked up in their disease UFO's sites you know and our own David Anderson from Winston-Salem is all over that they meant North Carolina top ten states per UFO sighting of course they like guests that land on pilot mountain all the time 3000 UFO sightings and we still don't know what it was. They came and visited and took Mehdi away briefly. And I never known that we don't know how to get it to come back. For the united daily briefly well and that he will a lot of heat and instill in my paternity.