Apple vs Google

Friday, September 15th

Matty says he switching from the Apple life to Google life. Sean tells Charley and the morning crew what you could potentially buy if you saved your money on the new iPhone pre-orders.


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Let's have a good morning from the got to show a show on film ever tater salad Joseph little old Charlie Lil man here over here to. I bet you a little Matty is already organ line to get his little thousand dollar new iPhone archer why. And officially leaving the church of apple. No you're not no I I am now moving to a new religion and that is that Google is terrible yes you know I. I'm Donna I have to Brian listen man why if you do anything if you love me. Yes you'll call me from your alleged new phone before you commit to going to see if I can understand you want it senators nervous or. And actually understand him on the ice it's just. Awful whenever he calls are ready for frustration and general judges say. Yeah I can't stand anymore so please before you buy your new phone. Call me and was struck it out. With a thousand dollars that people are going to be spending on their new I've flown by the way pre orders start today no really today with the same amount of money you could. Spend nine days at Disney World but I eat you can see Billy Joseph live in concert ten hold times who wow. You could sail the Caribbean for the same price of an iPhone really. Yeah UPD 83 slices of avocado toast. I veterans Ahmed or you can drink 235. Pumpkin spice lattes Starbucks thank death for the same 1000 nearly dollars for Europe or something you know that once this. Hey good morning you to think about saw what. Now oh what is it later on some polite about Carter and end our order and embark. A lot we have a and this June Carter and his do some dancing and do anything. And it.