Accessories On Men?

Friday, September 1st

With self expression coming in many ways and forms, Sean shares with Charley & Matty statistical data on the ideas women have on men with accessorie such as tattoos, piercings, and hairstyles.


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Real real hard to start itself. The she's Dresser. 3363730987. As the number for your request system on NNN I can tell you right now what women really think. We're guys tattoos. Piercings and man bugs okay we know we have the numbers right here man see you might wanna do some think it I don't we have some of those I know. I know that we're 76% of women say if you have none of them. You are attractive they have nothing but a positive reaction to no tattoos no piercings and amendments okay. 52%. Of women out there love a tattoo sleeve. Moon on the right man can be very sexy about a quarter women do not like a sleeve. If you have piercings like a lip ring won a nose ring to aura gauge. Yes you have. 48% don't like a lip bring 61% don't like him nose ring and half of women don't like to gauge. I'm not a fan of any of them now if you have a man Bonn which are so cool. No really I'm so envious and so probably you know what you can do it you get warning to back there will be great look at this camera in my hand but I won here. 51%. Of women are and time man barn. And listen to this if you have more than one of these lists say for instance you've got gauges in a man run through a half hour. Only 11% of women out there like that combo or any of the compost that's interesting. I don't have any in my piercings anymore if I guess or bring him back no then you got two strikes in and get their man but forgetting humans we'll stay home. Hey good morning welcome you would place some. There shouldn't be outlining how are what but I went. Out why it was all right let's play that what about that bug which runs. Now thought that plugs.