800 Dollar Leggos?

Tuesday, September 5th

Sean gives Matty & Charley some valuable information on upcoming electronics sales that may save you some money, but Sean also tells about the biggest & most expensive leggo set to ever hit the market.


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A ordered dogs are looking at the radio funny right now 987 Simon play in everything and all your favorites are blew whistles that come and welcome to the very first Tuesday September. Fatalistic you know I'm sick of his and September a great time to buy a few things that are there's big sales on great big TVs right now if you're looking for big TV apparent these -- Some of the best right up until Black Friday right now Smartphones apple and Samsung. Are announced in some big deals this month via new cars are good thing to buy. I would take goods and vacations. Yahoo!'s you know kids are back in school things are slowing down out there advocate vacation world and something else is a good time to buy. Is the brand newest giant is Lego millennium falcon ever made in the universe. This thing is awesome it is 7500. In wordy when peace is going to be the largest Lagos that ever sold. A reasonably priced 799. Dollars and ninety united sent you're kidding me a hundred out is enormous an awesome. Not 800 dollars for that I would buy and you know I know you might you do it's it has everything you could actually it's got the this the living room with the seeding it's got the cock created at the guys that. All those par is a it's just going to be stuff you stepped on in the near future that's all it is fast I accept that and I we're huge still. So.