7th grade sleepwalker broke into school!

Friday, February 23rd

7th grader breaks into school.. but heres the catch he was sleepwalking the whole time! Sean, Matty, and Charley discuss the madness.


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Kids. Let's get out show on 987 Simon all the royalty this morning and we've had queen the king and there's prince Al why Powell gave Mitchell player Freddie always works out real nice to hear about this sleepwalking Kidd closed down a whole school now seventh grader she wouldn't out of his house somehow he was sleepwalking and got out of his house is in Pennsylvania. Broke into the school in the middle of the night and they got him on non security camera tape. Wandering the halls of the school sleep walk him until the morning I mean now was he definitely sleepwalking or he had he did it busted breaking into the school is I honestly. I just called them when when the police got there the boy said that he was sleep walk him. Yet he himself called and I'm 11 to say he was inside the middle school. When they check the video they saw him wandering around it from a broken window now I know sleepwalking is crazy but it seems like the breaking of the window would wake you up. Now maybe you're right maybe it's a made up story but I know sleepwalking is this. Very thing may go under and I'm knows anything about it and to syndicate to that point. It integrate into the school I could have been back out negatives bank as those as money and my partner and I must leave. Though right now. My little girl sleep walks Summers scares me to death sometimes I will stay up all night just to watch her make sure she's not sleep walking down steps and stow their did you ever find her ruling cookies in her pockets is the same thing goes into the weirdest thing I ever did sleep walking was sleeping eating you know we never frozen waffle now that is it wasn't that bad. Welcome back to a player Friday what we play for. Rain I Eric clapped yeah. C a total world ranking yet you you're welcome. Listen listen in the background her sweet read of who we see him back up on this Thursday.