7 Year Old hospitalized after waking up to an infected ear!

Monday, September 10th

7 year old becomes famous overnight after waking up to an infected ear after changing earrings just 4 weeks after getting it peircedm, hear Sean, Matty, and Charley sound off on what happened next. 

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Eight cents a minute give up show we'd play everything welcomed Monday morning and we totally do and they weren't given away at the trivia question in what have they Joseph. Photo is no vote or did I hear correctly his first major concert North Carolina. I believe it was the First Lady and show that's coming up a little bit first story you might have seen this liberals gotten famous over the weekend on line. Seven year old little girl had to be hospitalized. Because she got ears pierced. At a major chain am I gonna say the name of the place because. We liked that story I ain't that cool stickers and people purses have an answer but about four weeks after she got her ears pierced. She just decided to switch out hearings they were used in the globe you know the stuff the stuff that you were supposed to put on their cause you to heal quickly and they say oh after that that amount time. You switch hearings. So one night she got up in the morning. That are here was all blown up and crusty and they couldn't find the hearing anywhere guess where one's inner here in the ear hole I own now. No she didn't her mom didn't do what I did when this happened when my old girl but it got stuck in the ear hole yeah she was sleeping one night. We just popped it back out I was like you ought to man up you have to be still you have to trust me on this. Say you're saying like a cave poked the hole through an and part of the hearing went like kind of behind the skin you know went inside yeah hole. The actual. Are you today is inside the year I gotta say well this little girls whole hearing I guess was in there. They had to get it out with a scalpel oh no 120 minute procedure. Well yeah he's serious she's just seven years old. She's young and effort to forgive it will yes I need to Wear bigger earrings yeah like the size of of the manages to be on the except I don't know never have. Kids you grew into stretchers. You know one he said she wouldn't get until she was thirteen you know there's another way.