5 Words That'll Guarantee You A Date!

Tuesday, October 3rd

Ever see a dating profile & the bio's just grab your attention? Well Sean informs Charley & Matty about the top 5 words that'll guarantee you a second look and a date!


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We play everything happy Tuesday from the get a show show on man Charlie and Matty here and there is proven fact that if you have these five words or you're dating profile. Men will get a date are really these the five words there will get you would take. Will you please likely that's fiber that shot. A perceptive is one okay. Spontaneous. Is another. Outgoing. And optimistic. Okay and then the fifth one I did their kind of cheating here but it's two words ago together physically fit. OK why why did you know now what well because a lot of times when guys say oh I'm physically fit their means they're like a gym rat that's too much. Well well I admire is I don't live at home. Boom that's good that would get well date. Here it says it. It hurt ethnic African in my parents' basement so you've got to have all these this is the challenger I think permit. Because you can beat perceptive what are you also are going yes and if you're perceptive and outgoing are you also optimistic volleys and if you're those three things are you also spontaneous and dad duo it's up right now you know is in there and then if you have all of that going can you possibly also be physically fit and really be physically like spontaneous and out going as my two favorites so you don't care about dealers. Does much. That's a relief.