5 Lifestyle Habits For A Better Life

Wednesday, May 2nd

Sean tells Matty and Charley five things they can do to better their lifestyle and live longer


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Well here are the five lifestyle habits that we'll have a huge. Affect on your longevity this is almost guaranteed that you go live longer serve you're not doing this stuff we need to start doing it are you ready for these ahead. None of ever gonna shock Q. Exercise number one man eat a healthy diet. Which. Matty is to started doing that Matty has given up everything good in life you everything enjoy able and I'm still here why why why why these sayings is a lifestyle thing you know the only good news for a short time when you're gonna give it up New York you'll love always stood for thirty days. See here's what I don't do things like this was afraid that say. Heaven forbid a bus comes out of nowhere and decides to plow me down right I don't want the last thing that touched my eyelids to be some brain needs drive. Boring and I kitty experienced l.'s. What could pay listen dude you have we begin minded you do want to reloaded list and description loops ice cream okay. All right so it is healthy diet. Maintain a healthy body weight and went on LT and don't drink too much alcohol. Me and no night flights will hobo. And that. And then they aired dirty what I got to do this weekend and not made that one up. And don't smoke those are the five habits that will make you live longer well you're doing a couple of them win this in the hobo knife fight thing is not on the list but I mean c'mon. Given that up to thirty days no. Yeah de LA and a half.