Simon says say Hi to Charley


M-F 6a-9a

“I was born in a small town”…for real (and only about an hour away from Johnny Cougar Mellencamp!). Washington, Indiana…home of about 12 thousand people, Mason’s Root Beer Stand(try the coneys), the country’s 12th largest high school gymnasium (7,090!) and three really tall Zeller boys (yes, we love our basketball!). After a few twists and wrong turns on the freeway, I ended up in the Carolinas where I have made my home for the past 20 years…that makes me an honorary Southerner, right y’all?

I’m a music junkie with a fondness (read: slight obsession) for Bon Jovi, and I adore a good song no matter who sings it – rock, pop, country, you name it! I love to try to play sports, but I’m really not very good at anything – thank you kickball & bowling teams for tolerating me! I say “Dude” and “Seriously” way too much. And anything that involves good friends & family, some cold beverages, and yummy food is winning in my book.

My very first radio gig was at the local station WRTB, where I interned a summer for concert tickets and a life-sized cutout of Jon Bon Jovi. Many years (and actual money) later, my radio career has taken me from WRFX & WEND in Charlotte, to WKZQ in Myrtle Beach, WARQ in Columbia, WPAW in Greensboro and now Simon!! My puppy dogs enjoy the variety of music (yes, I leave the radio on for them all day!), and I strangely don’t have a problem dragging myself out of bed at the crack of dawn because the Get Up Show is so much fun!