Simon says say Hi to Charley


“I was born in a small town”…for real (and only about an hour away from Johnny Cougar Mellencamp!). Washington, Indiana…home of about 12 thousand people, Mason’s Root Beer Stand(try the coneys), the country’s 12th largest high school gymnasium (7,090!) and three really tall Zeller boys (yes, we... Read More
Simon says say Hi to Matty


It’s a good thing I’ve found a career in radio because I was wait-listed at clown college. In the 15 plus years I’ve been doing radio, I’ve done it all. From on-air, doing stage announcements in front of 60,000 people to wearing a Spiderman costume, I’m always amazed at the situations I’ve found... Read More
Simon says say Hi to Sean

Sean Sellers

My Bio by Sean Sellers It always bothers me when you go to read someone’s bio and they’ve written it in third person… “Sean likes turtles”, etc. So, here’s the stuff you may or may not be interested in: I’m originally from Henderson NC, but spent some early years on Virginia’s beautiful Eastern... Read More