Facebook for Kids?

Tuesday, December 5th

Sean & Charley discuss whether they think it's a good idea to create a facebook messenger or facebook features for kids. They discuss whether it's a good idea or not.


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Seven Simon plays everything to spread all those good vibes December 5 game close to Christmas and what every kid wants. Is more Internet have a FaceBook for kids it's of the ground. It's FaceBook messenger for kids you have to be thirteen to have your FaceBook accounts of your doubts I know we'll be here as you got to face well they're not supposed to their parents set it up for them of but faced a messenger for kids also your parents have to set it up for you. And you're only allowed to have connections with people who are. Friends of your parents been so they have to approve every person that you make connections with its way that you're supposed to be LE keep in touch with your. You know it's and uncles and whatever but I still too much and how about. You pick up the phone and call I don't know if that I don't know I don't know why anybody under the age of thirteen means he's the messenger but they're trying to cater to the younger crowd I betcha it's the same. It's a toy review channel the Mozilla's popular which is all kids DC TC toy if you have kids you've probably seen that. In Virginia it's Ryan toys review. Which I've seen Cosmo girl looks at you're the loves those she loves them and if you have a little girl you've heard this. Hey guys. Every one of those video starts at that. And then they show you had a makes live and they squeeze on their squeeze cheese and stuff. And it's the parents the parents want the little kids to be famous yes they do so they can make the money off of it. Because what's a little kid gonna do with sponsor money they make and they make in half off the views they get sponsors in the little advertisement that's on there and they make money they make tons of money off of that and more talk about this the more on figures come. Not that. Everybody logo and started and now it Sierra.