Project Gone Wrong!

Tuesday, December 5th

Sean shares a funny story with Charley and Matty, about a sticky situation he found himself in when trying to go the extra mile and help his daughter with her science fair project.


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97. Side in Monterey and as you're showroom and alliance for. Hey welcome to use the on the ghetto Joseph Sean over here film imitators salad Joseph Charlie's or as technically the very first Tuesday. I don't sing it. Do me do it and you bring up all my secrets of her my feelings in front people what do you mean. William though I was an album a little girl by doing her entire science fair project and that's not helping her but go on up here work where we have a fight see color crater where we can print out all our stuff. Because I have a printer at home with a one time I've ever printed on it is when young Mattie was at my house and cars that it is for him if he jokes out of print on by printing on I've never printed on it didn't has just hitting the print button is really complicated now there's all kind of stuff he got to do with the club -- you're buying and stuff Brian I don't know would end zone now editor at fair Saturday morning you know doing a FaceBook live video my phone rings and it's never gonna bring any of this up. So where your work and Zion center thing. And my little girl be in the sweetest little girl in the world. Locks us out of my office with my keys and much Marty flown and the whole science fair project and everything in my office okay likes to do that. She just closed door she does who's doing the right there. And there's no extra key in there's no people here with keys and and we used to be able to break in the offices pretty pretty easily back in the day let out that part I wasn't gonna bring content that's the whole thing. Because he used to break in all the officers yeah we know every model we can break in everywhere with credit card don't have Carter whatever is an argument vision insurance. Can. So I called him up like hey man and earlier in the middle of making people happy earth fair manner and meg married that it. Really really hate to bother you because you're the best I think. It. But how easy to break in these offices so. I go around and go through every desk in this whole building them back in the sales offices of going through the business offices and in the mail room picking and I part. There's not one thing to break in the day in office with. So I I'd Paloma guy ever ago in the kitchen big kitchen and a fund is plastic ice buckets right yeah I saw one of them in the strips. That. It's brilliant is actually is in nature you know. You know it do you don't know it just sort of you've clearly never broken any offices there so so it take ice bucket yes that'd strips is exactly the right what you call it. And I think it is yeah. I am really impressed with the you know and I'm proud of you that you get that out after yelling and cursing at me and I was sitting there as. Everything I don't I'm absolutely sure there was a lot of crying before he actually came up with that it was and Sarah look at this kid was with him so he doesn't like to show emotion and then I know they look at each other track. You know the coolest thing is literally and figuratively on when I broke into my office when that door popped. Now that rush of air conditioning came out of my office into. And ask how. Do.