Walmart Rack Up

Tuesday, November 28th

What would you do if you were trapped overnight inside a walmart? Well, Sean explains to Matty and Charley how a homeless man was able to indulge in over $150 worth of damages.


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987 Simon we play everything on the get a show was going on Sean sellers over here there's Charlie and Mattie had eight distributes on your life if you got lark into Wal-Mart overnight I didn't know that they ever closed but there's a homeless guy who got locked inside a Wal-Mart are all 24 hours this one was not he got he got locked inside the Wal-Mart overnight he's accused of consuming and damaging merchandise. You get a do he hid in the bathroom until they left him locked up the store now I'm guessing this had to have Thanksgiving and Black Friday in a -- and I maybe he had a close. He spent the night eating chocolate and drinking soda. Then he has caught on tape open and a pack of adult diapers and put one on Ono then he found his way to the baby supplies section of the Wal-Mart which is huge as you know you know no where he opened up baby diapers baby wipes pacifiers and bottles. During this time now if you if you are gonna go to Wal-Mart and spend the night is that would you do now is somebody had been baby food and somebody has they. The affinity for us. I don't know maybe loses the first thing he got to maybe now. Because you know I don't haven't party in there and if I got locked in there I'd be playing with the toys could be governor coal broom you have to hook gaming system up to those big TV and saying downtrend on. All the Lyme Disease similarly you've got good ideas but at some time when he was open up the diapers he triggered an alarm. The police found him back in the bathroom where he'd been hiding. During the whole night. He damaged a 156 dollars in merchandise SNC another. It clearly wasn't doing it right but the worst part about it is during his you know fracas there in the locked up Wal-Mart. During the investigation they had to stop other stores robe and up from Black Friday the other day. That's trouble. Yeah. Obviously he would they've they've baby that's right all those guys limited their tense up for a best by. Yeah first.