A Creative Christmas

Tuesday, November 28th

Its 2017, and the normal is not normal anymore. With new creative decor ideas for the holidays, Sean, Charley, and Matty discuss some of them!


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Seven Simon Says electric is for avenues and opportune Brazilian stock in men on every year don't do it again there's you don't need to look at it when you walk by this year and once that hit next you know you'd tell one gears to new trends that are going on you may have seen the upside down Christmas trees yet I don't get that well it's cool. That's been that's been around for years and years accurate or fancy stores doing that years ago yet attached to the ceiling as he got us in then let already this. Yeah yeah yeah. I decorate their so so you got your outside countries which I like the sound of it but I don't put a hole in the ceiling over now I think there's also people who were doing latter's talk like Christmas trees right now in the world I've seen that. Which is pretty cool. And these are back again and I think it's time for manage to get on boards and you will not shave that thing go all over your faith well yes well you now get your beard ornaments man and make your life festive for lets do it let's do half red and half green with glitter and then we'll hang little Catholic might nightmare yeah yeah is that let's go later you'll be so festive like won't be able to stand yourself you know how people like you. They loved it and wait a minute lag.