Grocery Store Etiquette

Tuesday, November 28th

Someone moving like a granny with a shopping cart in front of you? Sean, Charley, and Matty share their opinions on what they would do when they encounter slow shoppers!


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Was up get up shows here on 987 Simon were playing everything we're happy to be here on giving Tuesday if you have some that would love to give us. We would accept we will take it wing man that. Stop overreacting to this six SO US missile warning in the startling I never know when it's gonna have a I'm just as surprised as you are okay Escude. This time on the ticket window listed some fantastic for the whole family was deuce and Disney on ice tickets for. For one of the shows they're having. 3363730987. Is number you and your family go on us December 2 that's Saturday 7 o'clock Leavitt Leavitt he lives in particular window. And when your App Store do you think it's okay. To cut around somebody who's moving slowly or is that to root for you to do that I know I had to get past them they're my way. I do it but I'm subtle about it and I don't say anything to them I like to go different Iowa I can't. Yes if I am just going to cut down an island there's people in it I will go down a different I'll bet if there's someone where I need to be I'd say excuse me he's got numbers on 51% of us some good and different isles to avoid them 15% of vessels say something or make some kind of noise would ask the current view. Hey don't you hate it when you're the one at some as making a noisy you know. In that amount didn't happen to know your right on the fast shopper are rose 11% will actually twist push. Pass them. It's yet like highway it's so rude not somebody out. And the study says that this bothers women more than a bothers and you know line wildlife. And her he would maybe Sharma except you know what but. I what to try this because I'm not a woman but don't want to be like that woman who goes through all my coupons yen and then I get through the line and I'm still stand in there. Finally find some punts back away you know put my change back in my wallet. With a chance you know oh okay with a neck. He's a bouncer.