Flossing In Public? Eww!

Friday, November 17th

If someone is flossing in public next to you, do you let it bother you? Well, Sean, Charley, & Matty discuss that scenario from their own perspectives. 


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Everything. Seventh I was so happy US a bit too broadly Friday a bunch on theirs Charlie are rather low there's Matty right over there I had so you're still. You know what. I'm I'm so against this this I'll tell you what one of my pet peeves is after you tell us the story is crazy one in three people think it's totally fine tough loss in public and you know like how public is public union likes it met in a restaurant at work on non public transportation right I mean just says in public so I mean I don't think that's all of those and could be any anywhere neighbor there's people around you. But it's basically one out of three people under the age of 35. Are totally fine with flossing you just openly anywhere in the. Okay it's a good thing about this for second when you've floss is stick that blossomed between your teeth Uighur and around and then when you pull it out it flies everywhere and what I'm here mirror it's. It's all over the people next you know heroes and what doesn't fly off Charlie takes off the string and read it well from them on greed. Currency. Isn't cute snacks to know well and now maybe the reason why you guys have grossed out is that old people like you. Less playing halo and it. You know it's bad manners are always 13% of people over the age of 55 and 7% of people over 65 think it's okay so that's why haven't they taught these young people that it's true. An interesting group the older people are probably more likely to do the other thing that kills me. Low their nose in public and and that was nasty to sit there and it and then run the Kleenex right up there knows when they do well maybe it has all these older people have all those eight Ethan dentures this oh they don't have to. The word about their teeth to. It hey welcome virtual play of brown was happening. Have a song preview let's see if you'll play it on that you won't play Friday all right we're ready. About the freaks come out that night but Houdini and they come on they come out during the day and they flaws yeah. Yeah advanced. It's.