Christmas Drinking Games

Friday, November 17th

To make the holiday season just a little bit more fun, Sean gives Charley & Matty some new unique drinking games themed around Christmas.


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Not that inside it plays everything like this move parts of your tapioca welcomed back to a player Friday Shawna Charlie Matty here and do a joke. I don't know if you guys watch the Hallmark Channel further. Romantic Christmas movies all this though sweet all day every day this time a year you know loved it. My father in law loves them ice it is oh my god I he'll sit there just grin and had a TV and I. That is happy conference and he sits and watches them all day long there's a hallmark Christmas drinking game out there and now off. You take a drink if there's a reference to a dead relative okay if a main character's name is related to Christmas like this volley or nick or relying. Any time somebody makes fun of a fake Christmas tree and Tom take a drink if a newcomer part takes in an old family or town tradition. Anytime there's referenced a hot chocolate apple cider or Ed eggnog and then. If there's a snowball fight or ice skating you get to take two drinks I don't know if there's an ugly sweater or Christmas time you take usury store I mean this goes on and ordered him to be so dryly you're everywhere screaming get through one episode or one movie if there's a big city person transplanted to a small town and definitely every one of them what I did it had a smile tablet customs if there's Christmas Carol in a Christmas tree farm or if there's baking cookies and these things I can't treat this nuts you finish your drink. Did that it's snowing on Christmas in the movie and every time and you take an extra shot if lacy. She had there is in the Christmas yet on all or any minority that's pretty cold at a price to be on the lookout for that welcome back to a player Friday can we get some for Utah back. I don't. And you don't somehow more people on money money yeah registry. You guys can forgive you want to run well.