A Little Too Smart?

Thursday, November 16th

Are you always the smartest person in the room? Well, Sean, Matty, & Charly break down why this isn't always a good thing when trying to be social.


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87 sided plays everything thrown out west. The house was going on we're gonna show on show on film entertainers alliger O'Charley's over their morning looking so good there earlier over there look so good and I he had an exam today and been hit that beard with a around breast exile it's nice and smooth now I betcha everybody knows somebody at work who's too dang Smart for their own good that. Who look in your always stop at the blue in their office knows every single evening finally recognized that we'll see. Being too Smart can work against you weren't. Journal for applied psychology. Has found that if you're the smartest person in the room. Sometimes that has diminishing returns sometimes people hate you invest it back. But sometimes it's just that you make things more complicated than they have to be OK that's one thing. And then another thing is yes people hate you and they will avoid you like. The playing me and I feel like I like to live the simple life over here I know this isn't. Fly under the smarts radar and just an athlete. No ruffle any feathers easier smarts to yourself yes I was silently and tell him he's he's a silent but deadly smartest. A smarter and do I ballad is lucky ball my giant right agents to myself for a guy dumbed down for unity it's all day every learn a man we really appreciate. You should be happy that I share my win both of you all the time I can't tell you how I never get sick of you be in the smartest person I. It never gets old you are welcome. Now it seriously enough.