Christmas Recalls!

Thursday, November 16th

Sean runs down the list with Charley and Matty, of new toys that have been recalled or deemed dangerous to the particular age group it was marketed too. 


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We play everything on 987 Simon good morning from the get up show a show on Charlie man Arab. Are adhered to I don't know if you finished on your. List pursue any quotas here here's some stuff you might want to look out for a tape that group that watch group becomes out with the most dangerous toys every year. Some of these I get that some of them I think they're being a little too. We just take toys those marks are back with their list of toys they look to pay back at last well no Phidget spinners are on the list they hate hate hate Phidget spinners why they're obnoxious they have tiny parts. They hate the Wonder Woman battle sword that it's a solar death they had a remote controlled Spider-Man drowned. It the Spider-Man. We'll see what else is on here today have there's a Disney themed stacking toys for infants. There was a recall on it already why you might still find it online I don't know Elin had two small parts for the age group is that it was. I'll deal for symbol sites to razors Gil we olds where is it cool. That's you know the razor razor scooter is so slipped in smasher and the shoes did turn into skates though there are cool but they are beggar befall them no doubt about it. There's a thing called a slack line my neighbors have one of those and they use it all the time it's tight rope. All that's fine it's like a foot off the ground it hops and though would you still falloff in these are the people that I'm surprised you're not a member of this group because they literally wrap their children and bubble wrap and don't let them do anything listen I I'm all for every bit away okay that's you know a I'm not going anywhere near any of these dangerous towards anything with any sharp points don't know Johnny switched it. I don't know I already have announced which plays around our house we aren't high enough where little hands can't reach you on your words.