Thursday, November 16th

So you've heard of ghosting, but do you know what "roaching" is? Sean explains to Matty & Charly what the new term means!


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987 Simon I'm not gonna say we prepare make you feel you really definitely don't bring you down no but what's going on get up shows here. There's a new dating trend. Whereas some album we've had ghosting. There is and he tell me a couple years or more into this and I. AEA EI come on I don't know why that wasn't leg it was slight ghosting but it was where you come back unless something happens yeah I didn't zombie there's a new called broaching now what's that road. Change is killing relationships out there it's where. You think that your interests your head forward towards a serious relationship everything is going so great ending and you think that it's about to get serious harm but then. You find out that other person is an end to something serious. And why they call that wrote Ching is because just like when you see one Roche there's usually a bunch roaches and win this person who roaches bear. Lead and other people on wilder leading you want old so they have a whole bunch of people merely into serious relationships even though they don't really want a serious relations over rights but it's not when you go to their house and flipped on the lights and also an all these dudes scurry out right now he's sort of you flip on the light and Iran under the refrigerator yeah. Let's see that's the thing it's usually found could. You analyze. It get out of it because it's been able to this day and didn't. You didn't terrorists or other end Amanda hey that's an area near. That's just your first loser just drop. Then why don't they run under the Iraq.