Bear Sighting

Thursday, November 16th

Sean explains to Charly & Matty, how a school's recent bear sighting, began to raise awareness!


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It's that it's just get up show play and everything that might not be the best song to play when we tell you there's bears school in Rockingham county now I know as an instructional there is he wearing a hat and overalls as either help you prevent forest fires so I think he's just there but there's some four key things that they want you to know now wait a minute. Maybe he just wants to learn things is that this bear is what what does it have to do with the school it's near the school year the school so there's been sightings around the school so the sheriff's office. Release like fourth key tips McCarron number one do or not approach the bear. And the residue. Down 911 of east either there. Okay and number three remain calm is the bears actually we're scared of view and you as this that I embrace scared but they've already told you pay not to approach it and to dial 911 storm already not calm when I see the bare arm knock on why I love that in today's society this is the fourth there. If you filmed it here do so from a safe distance we know you're gonna film of calm moment a run right up to its hand you do. Please please please don't show at a picnic basket. Well what she but here's some to remember a lot of people who film bears nowadays don't do this anymore if you're listening to Rockingham county and you see that they're. Turn your phone to decide to make the bear wide now I want to see the whole thing Charlie Charlie will not turn her phone to decide. Thing of what I once you see now it's out a Ponzi ourselves Fuzzy on the side C he's with me tell him that no one does that anymore now I'm jazz it up and down everyone does it wrong. There's a.