Friendly Fraud

Tuesday, November 14th

Sean shares a funny but not so innocent story with Charley & Matty of a little girl, who took her father's phone and booked a child's lifetime dream travel package to the most magical place in the world. 


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987 Simon play in everything Tuesday morning style to get a show thanks for being here was we donated about parents ribbon off their kids by re gifting their birthday presents is prison you released. Here's a little girl who got back in her dad big time she didn't mean to. She was playing with her dad's phone nine year old girl and Waller that was asleep he didn't have his phone password protected. So she's just noodle and about on the phone that. Couple days later the dad sees Palin go through on his PayPal. For almost 14100 dollar blow she had booked herself thus week trip to Disneyland Paris. She did this through to web sites she booked the trip to Disneyland Paris. And the airfare. Oh and got air yet and an excursion to the Eiffel Tower all part of the Disney true that's a pretty great strip doesn't that sound all sensed she said she didn't realize what she had done she didn't know where Paris was and had no idea what the Eiffel Tower was I think she's being. She's be cheeky or maybe a little cute about that but the crazy thing is he his phone was not password protected so she can pick it up player and all she right. But she somehow deciphered his PayPal pay password. Exactly pay for all that and like this you're really not knowing you're doing I don't moon and then they went to trying get the money back they say hey there was a mistake in the first PayPal said now there's no fraud here we can't pay you back for that then after they looked at his call history they said okay we get it and they're calling it. Friendly fraud.