Are You A Bad Friend?

Tuesday, November 7th

Sean, Charley, and Matty discuss some of the traits that may make you a bad friend!


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Seven Simon's play in everything to swear for a bowl shards of their shattered dreams song. Until today they plan we'll put it back together I'll cut my foot so what's the deal on of being a good friend there are certain trades Armenia and you guys know because. Your camera. In just a great friend and day according showbuzz seem poll they ask some questions and people said yes you're against friend areas are bad for him to do these things okay if for example 70% say you're a bad friend if you don't remember your friend's birthday. Well you're you remember about looking at the FaceBook really proud dad neighbors and says it took. 77%. Say your bad friend if you cancel on her friend she sees somebody you're dating instead. I. I disagree yeah I disagree through prayer. 90% say you're not bad for an if you give us advice even if it's hurtful the. But you know percent say ER and hard man you gotta give advice though right yeah you can -- you got to take the risk but are you a shallow friend if you don't offer advice where it's definitely needed a canto is incidental oh yeah that yeah okay you're going right thing when you know they're not anything else 89% say you're not a bad friend if you don't expect right away oh I hate to a lesser they say your eyes say you are nice they need to respond saying is yes if I text you back in a reasonable time I expect the same I don't wanna wait for hours or the next day for attack yet but what are your friends he's blown up your phone with weird pictures all the time at everything would have.