Bad Work Day?

Tuesday, November 7th

Charley lists off with Sean and Matty, the top 5 things that'll ruin your work day/week.


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And it's gonna show on 987 Simon we should tell you that mustang Sally is not about Sally ride astronaut and then the wicket which was not the same Margaret Hamilton because teachers get mad at us when we sound dumb. We can't celebrate Connecticut which didn't go to space now I'll talk to you later about it under some things that these things right away tell you it's going to be a bad work day I don't like that you have five things that can happen they're just gonna ruin your day you can turn things around don't let these do this to you whether the top five thinks filling a beverage. It's all over yourself and you keyboard yeah but you know just lick it up you know. Make it work for you what else are getting cut gossiping about the boss. Know you're in front of you yeah I know. I turn it into a joke getting into an argument. Well that didn't happen around here doesn't matter. This though is when those. Losing me filed by mistake. They can be redone. I know why she you know 10 listen here's why and yet you delete or hundreds of file. When you re do it it'll be even better relate and yeah that's right mr. my computer thing is done yet in every day it for five years. Don't worry about it it's not you guys in line and getting yelled that's. Well of course that also doesn't happen around now. That it's. It's just we're passionate we don't have inside boys and this that that mr. don't let any of that stuff you via bat Damon and if you need to just walk away from at all. So yes Al yeah. Like I come back now I don't know exactly in the numbers yeah.