Is Some A Number?

Tuesday, November 7th

Sean, Charley, & Matty try to grasp an understanding of a very interesting math problem that has gone viral due to it coming from an elementary teacher.


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And it. 987 Simon plays stand while seated there. Hello. Again showed thanks so much for listed to us today there is a little bit of homework out there that is. Going viral as they say on the Internet witnesses there's a third grade math problem that a mom has posted up. And it doesn't make any sense her little eight year old daughter is he brought home this homework. And here's the question that has the whole world scratching their head you ready America. Janelle had fifteen marbles or does she lost some of them how many does to Nia. How many does Janelle have now. Okay you gotta you gotta say I read it on my time Janelle had fifteen marbles she lost some of them. How many does Janelle have now. And on the couldn't look on the worksheet the little girl put a great big question mark on there yeah I. It did and I think some was an actual number valued how many did she live idle days I was here she had fifteen and she lost slump isn't a mini does she have now is simple question norm. Seem. I don't know I don't we hear had fifteen right. Though doesn't have fifteen she's not some of them so like a few know it is a huge generally three. I guess more than soon so but it could raise some. I don't voided if you see here's the thing some people are saying that this is a misprint that this should have never been on the worksheet something went wrong other people are saying it's a logic question. Like should the answer just be less than fifteenth there right but we don't know the mom says I haven't found out the answer would hope to see her graded papers soon. To be honest I'm unsure it was a print an error. Or requested test your knowledge of less than and greater there and she also says that she wants this to remind people the importance of education. And the need to pay teachers better amen. I think it was just the teacher wait to see how many heads explode. Fifth seed.