Fingerling Dilemma

Friday, November 3rd

As Christmas rapidly approaches, the famous "Fingerling" toys for kids has reached a shortage in supply. So, Sean tells Matty & Charley some of the most ridiculous prices being offered for the toys on sites such as Ebay.


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It's. Just about enough on the sugar and Halloween candy and they have just about hit my limit no he doesn't think lying in a Pilar rappers my gut. In fact. Every pocket it every pair of pants his full fund size wrappers and food that's a bush you know you know real reason to stop and about a 100000 dollar horse no no number we told you about the hot toys and what's already going away the LO will surprise you can hardly find and then here's the latest when it's only November 3 and you can hardly find finger leagues. What are those no potatoes that beautiful little mishap and that's I'm thinking outside teeters loved roast those up no. There are little things that you put money triggered like little monkey guys in the little bigger yep that's it. Now they get the wraparound like a little monkey Mo can. And so far there than actual retail price 1499. But since you can't find them hardly any more than going for twenty dollars to seventy dollars for one thing Gerling on eBay for winder. Yet or if you want the whole set of singling so you can really spoiled kid this Christmas you get a full set I just checked in on eBay right now only 799. Dollars well it. How many finger rolling as you get it all our holes gently how many are there all of us are so right here that the potatoes are so much cheaper and heart goes out to remind him how hilarious would that be given to get a bag a finger early potatoes for Christmas that lets you wanna Friday. Then hey good morning welcome back to a player Friday. Marino's corner injured ankle may aid our youth was sure which one. If possible on this I think so. You lag. Blues.