Cartoon Swear Words?

Thursday, November 2nd

Charley lists off some of cartoon's favorite, creative, and most interesting go to words with Sean & Matty, that are used as substitutes for bad words!


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This thing is last week's next week now all. Don't show here on 987 subjects out tomorrow morning you here's a crazy stuff and it's all thanks do you virtual player Friday's government. So we you know when you're talking about kid shows do you mean like Scooby Doo do you mean Blake. I'll just tell me and says okay. Mean any you know they can't say curse words but they didn't need to show excitement disappointment that express themselves they wanna say curse words so bad right other our substitute words and help us to understand what they're angry surprised you're scared things like. Dean's okay and links points was a good one on Scooby Doo. Budging Keyes was there other worlds could be Ariana pedal sticks course. Philly okay. Should talking mushrooms welcome that would they did on salmon catch they would say that real idea. Tires us. Sponge Bob nonsense. Can't. Catch them porch apparent end the week. Movie that I feel like we have they believe twice that's very good drive through it and I I like it to I have some of my own easy as you know like what I'll be double dipped yeah. I'll be tripled doubled. What the Marshall Tucker band and a lot of them I say it's definitely a lot what about whole league Joba would sit down you guys are down. Jets' front door. Give it three feet.