The Perfect Breakfast

Thursday, November 2nd

The morning crew lists off their ideas of the "perfect" breakfast.


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You know every instance it was a no show on 97 Simon we'd play everything to me the keys into the so there's apparently. A perfect breakfast to be eaten I told you got as the history of breakfast before breaking came along and ruled the world at least like toast and coffee was in May yeah. You know that guy made our breakfasts too heavy according to a doctor at Harvard. Okay she says we eat weights it's carbohydrate calmly to mini muffins and bagels and on like I agree with that. In the perfect breakfast for everyone to have every day. Is a dollop of plain yogurt topped with berries and sprinkled with granola nuts and seeds. Up god I'd eat that well I'd jump in for a traffic and dollop yeah just a dollop. Always good to all of a daisy that this latest you just hit me Luke Donald Hayes Koppel yeah it's a club record is what is OK you guys what is your perfect breakfast Charlie which are perfect breakfast like day well eggs and bacon and toast and actually biscuits and gravy and has good got all that well not on a daily but I that's my perfect for sees what's your perfect breakfast I'm all about some eggs Benedict mr. hash browns. So again or anything spicy in there now -- again we know yours my favorite breakfast absolute 100% favored breakfast is like. Cold fruit. And like a little piece like Canadian bacon or something like that together that combo so you don't know. The love with a big bets about the same they would be right below or I've heard your ideal breakfast for every single day but know what you all god yeah that is just awesome to me like cold fruit in just a little tiny reason it weird someone got. You know what else left over sushi meal is okay. I had brain who's really Powell to operate. They're doesn't see the American.