New Halloween Candy

Tuesday, October 24th

Charley shares with Sean & Matty a list of new popular Halloween candies this season, including one NEW suprise trick or treat desert becoming more common. 


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When everything she's over time. That's how you are cruel what's going on over the data showed new Halloween candy what is new candy comes. There's not cotton candy is this year there's the tough lands are butter fingers scholes Oca. Caramel apple Milky Way is I don't know about that lacks the candy corn jiji news no no. Of Carmel apple peach. I don't know about Betty there again we already talked about the kicking and screaming M in the end that's when I haven't had him and who once. Pumpkin pie kit cats maybe. Zombies sour patch kids OK that's fine. Reese is white chocolate ghosts. Now. No way with three must go feared that has red needed in the middle instead of that's a little Hasbro cases saying. It just makes a better Spain. Terrible couple filled with lawyers know. Think he's thinking chocolate zombies earned and hear about Demi bats this and no that's fine there's too. Things that are shocking on the list of most popular Halloween treat this year but never have thought of the top two items that people are searching for Halloween treats to give out. Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme donuts yeah actual donuts yeah. Now those trigger traders I wouldn't let my daughter have won us some idea of early. I don't know. What the. Go into the neighborhood of people that you know but what's it do with the death and you don't drop it down in your bag when he got to eat down on the run again that's another. Energy to get up next porch. Seriously and the other thing that people are searching for Eminem's as the traditional community and in something called chocolate bar you ever chocolate.