Tuesday, October 24th

Sean reports to Charley & Matty the nutcase news stories of the day, with one including a drunk bulldozer thief.


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Blame everything an 87 Simon Daniel's going to Spain he loves that rice they agree rice over there to rule on we're gonna show would you love to hear a little bit nut case there's well. Please bring it got a couple of here for you there's a guy who in Delaware. Was busted using a fake IDs somebody said wait a minute is a fake ID. You you've been used in this fake ID earlier today around here so the police came. They chased him a short distance and then prove he was gone below. Into a trash can. And they lifted trash can lid so there you are in their race at all. Now a new America here's a guy 65 year old man in Florida who had been drinking a little bit needed a ride home. And felt a bulldozer he thought he would steal our but after he stole the bulldozer didn't get very far and he also left his shoes. Cigarettes and his wallet. On the stolen bulldozer I'll let you know the ball goes well when are unified to. Here's a guy who stole a car and only got just right off the curb. When he hit a rock and got the car stuck on top of rock that's pretty good nature Iraq that is sick enough for Carter gets stuck on exactly the wheels wouldn't talk. And finally here's a guy in Canada. Who was saying and he was right now on the road sing in one of his favorite songs yeah it out loud he was sitting in the C and C music factory song yeah. Gonna make you sweat everybody dance now right we all know that's an island La stuff course we do. He got pulled over and the police said sir are you screaming he said no. I was just singing. They called it screaming game 150 dollar ticket for screaming and public. Way he was charged with causing disorder by screaming. Violating the peace and tranquility laws. Why it's missing it and so I know it now you know he careful. And decide this. Here. I'm Cindy.