Get That Splinter Out of Here!

Tuesday, October 24th

Sean shares with Charley & Matty a new splinter removal technique shared by a parent, who says this technique is 100% pain free and cry proof.


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We play everything on 987 Simon was happy and happy Tuesday from the get up shows shot at Charlie and many here. If you've ever had a child around new witness winner and it's finger. You know how frustrating that can be because you can get that's when her out and they do not want you touchy or any anything around it there is the worst they would rather keep that splitter right there and stare at it and scream. And that I. Is this solely pertaining to children to them and that way when I just went negative on my gavel next time you this corner and you bring it to me because there's a mom out there who's been famous on line for her splinter removal tactics as that. She takes a syringe like you were used to give a kid liquid dumb what he called Motrin yeah any kind of medicine those little. Oral syringes and of the bigger hole in the end the big flinty thing yet she takes that places it over the splinter on the finger wherever. And then pulls it out superfast pull pulls the plunger on the syringe out super fast and she says usually. Bright then first poll you've got a splitter in the syringe and the kids stops crime why really I've never thought this have you never. A brilliant president. She said if this is super you know. Tough to get that stubborn winner. Dude a couple of times but it still always work so nothing about digging around in there with a needle lower it enough and that awful because that's what you have to do normally usually it's a lot of like really pinching on it right cheers and save so much time. And well worth seeing the kids smile at the end of it. Rather than the tears in the round and and they don't touch me that you usually get a splitter shows up so. But you know what if you wanna get on purpose converted and here are removed.