Fall Love Puns

Friday, October 20th

Sean shares with Charley & Matty some of the funniest, sweetest, and most clever fall love puns to tell your significant other this season!


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It's a good show and another Halloween song there everybody cut everybody cut Knowles from how the horror movie minute minute worth. Forced to dance. A hey what's going on his virtual player Friday I have here in front of me. Some football love puns Permian Matty. Our mom these are some adorable couple things that we can put up on the Internet and everybody look at it and say. Okay. Like love what a relief. And an arrow. Hey man again it's fall my belief in you don't be afraid of falling on little hook up well or are you serious. I love you a lot there. I. What is this feeling I'm so corn infuse. New. Don't ever leave me alone. Who wait this is doing this week and you're ready let's get how little weird. Well now. Here's my cup of positive NT. Now okay Janet part of the seventy hey there hey there hot tea. So void blue I'd like to see use more. Last fall the lives of those historic test scores are fault yeah camping. I've fall I fall into something beautiful today. Like I heard it yet I'm I'm getting sick or make him a Sosa would do one more. Everything's so more fun review. Well that's NASA's I'm sorry I get a cavity those are Sicily ansari were left out this well I'm feeling very sad and maybe next time you're night's pay Warner what's up. Good morrow shall I go home this. We are slicker no Bobby wood to the third period of conglomerate rheal I don't football player all the walk our area. We will. Look around movie don't. Words cannot express don't know much. It doesn't have to be whole. Just soak up below and there's nothing you can.