Healthy Halloween Candies

Friday, October 20th

With kids bringing home loads of candy this Halloween season, Sean, Matty, & Charley run down the list of the most common healthiest candies you can endulge on without guilt!


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Listen do do do you do views on the get a show here in 97 Simon you know it's funny when I was coming along and all the girls like to render and they weren't nearly as cool as they are now. Of yes or. Not to make any somehow. Somehow the renderings gotten real cool over there I'll as the cruelest yet has got your colleague candy that you gonna do well it is. I know I did it. He dead enormous damage is done are adding you know what I think they've changed a little bitty Heath bars so I'm probably not need 200 album this year impeccable he's really they seem a little different. Interesting but I bought three the big bags of yeah started now. You know but here are if you're if you're buying in the candy and you're the economic company this these are the fewest calories in Halloween. Oh OK these are the ones that you get away with eating morrow I didn't think it counted if it was in fun size well there's only one a a product of the number one number one with the most healthy and I guess you could say the least calories can you guess what it might be raising an acorn raisin that's now where is ray raising taxes is on the list but they have. 67 calories in there. Once he indeed gets in your house what else. Our candy corn no not on the list Smart he's or necco wafers. Gee whiz you almost. Sweethearts. Is the one with the least I only in calories a fund size sweetheart that's only got like three in there right who votes. Dynamo won by. Believe that the aid that goes sweet tarts Charleston chews jelly bellies. Milk duds Mike and iTunes nerds. Nestle crunch. York peppermint patty. But the dead here on the mountains somewhere so if you are older you'll burn Carolina and something McGrath. Good morning welcome to get a show which got more. I'm back in the certainly don't know the group. Violent ones rapper. Yet rapper. I am familiar with it it's by the jagr is and you know who is in this band back home. The king of cool Donnie iris. Really Marines.