Loaning Cash to Friends?

Friday, October 20th

There's a thin line when it comes to friends borrowing money, so Sean shares a crazy story with Matty & Charley about a woman who borrowed money from her boss and did the unthinkable to avoid paying him back.


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987 style of play and everything before things get hot tech. When it's a to a play or try to get any doubt going to be electric. 3730987. Is number if you argue with a us we'd love to talk to you we told yesterday that most Americans would say goodbye forever. To a friend over 500 dollars if you loan a friend 500 dollars didn't get him back there are no longer your mother really your friend if they don't pay you back in good point. But would you take a loan from your boss. Then there's a way to young Wisconsin who's got in May be just a little bit of trouble. Because her boss loaned her 2000 dollars why she thought. I won't have to pay this back if I can somehow make him forget about the loan well so. I should Palin spoke she did what anybody would do she spiked his coffee with some kind of anti anxiety medication eye drops and caffeine pills all at once if he's really sit he won't think about the money I know have I yes she well. She's going to jail for six months or she'd think about what she did after. But she said you know are really thought maybe I wouldn't have to pay him back if he forgot about it. But is it it was going forgetting about it because he was too busy trying to figure like yours hallucinating. You have a systemic issues and yelling over the limits if your boss out there in the world today in new loan money to an employee and they bring you a cup of coffee this boss that he noticed there was a slimy substance in his coffee cup. Attorney did anyway I don't drink coffee yeah. Motorola what do we learn good morning welcome. Those feeling about buying hand I want you out whatever it let I was like I. I love that song it didn't didn't play. They're okay that this is a great song yeah. Great lean Obama announcing it about old feel you who's now gone through Ireland we're gonna have a dad thanks.