Here's My Car For Some Sauce!

Tuesday, October 17th

Remember the Rick & Morty sauce that had the country going crazy? Well Charley shares a crazy story with Sean & Matty about a guy who traded in his red VW car just to enjoy one cup of the sauce.


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Blue there's a constant work where much. Oh yeah Madonna Canberra be like 1980s and now you're mix in Medford Yan and you mix in generic sense of mixing Madonna's. What's where did you show on ninety sevenths but the other day when you couldn't get says wants solace from the McDonald's USS crying and screaming reporting sauce and there was one lady out there in the world who got a. She was first in line at the place where she Susan Wisconsin. And is she thought well I don't unpacked and got to put it online silicon traded for she traded it for a car in 2000 Volkswagen Golf and carry four. I can't I can't get behind that L one ounce pack a sauces summoned there I hope that car has a lot of smells and awful like. Mechanics the guy wanted the sauce so bad and she served well I don't know. I'll probably take the car for the sauce. When an agent driving over here so I make sure it's actually running and he did a thing they got he drove it over there and traded his car which is not a bad looking car either it's real. And then he walked home would just a couple of saws yes it is so happy he he showed that one ounces solace slammed the Deepak on the ground and walk home without a car. You know what he probably didn't hear is that McDonald's put out that memo couple days ago that said this winter there gonna have all the sauce you can Vienna. Calling LA can't get his car back out love and that by the way that they are gonna have bloody assault yeah it's everywhere he's been putting up all they're suspects on loan like thousands of dollars so obviously it worked for a few days you know it's the American way.