Halloween Costumes

Tuesday, October 17th

Sean, Charley, & Matty discuss this year's top Halloween costume concepts & how some shops could make a little extra money on the side.


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That is. Do you get 987 Simon weekly everything here on the get up show events we hardly knew he was in Charlotte a month ago to us via third innings he'd get a concert he was just Vator. There was an article in Winston-Salem journal yesterday about Halloween costumes. And there's a girl who works in wanna move admiral that was when you column start now the main one of those okay killer clown costumes are the big thing there selling this year or. Also stranger things is a big one. I was I was thinking here's a money making idea that there almost going to have to do these costume contest plus. Shut us out or let it come later but yeah. What they're gonna have to do this to make money but. Charge people for self fees because you know people are doing you go in there you trial on the cost to retake the cell be you can publish that. And it's just the same as if you had warned that costume you you know fact you have warned that costume and you have a picture documenting it. When we were younger than we go to costume stores yes we wouldn't take around our you know Kodak or are marital and automatic and then we wouldn't take that to the photo Matt and have that developed now warrior Casey didn't bring the big silver plate with the herd in new hits did a fanatic I. This now. Look at the no but seriously if they charged but because I bet you. There's people who go in there just to take a picture in a cost to then with no intent of ever buying one and yet they still have a picture of them in the constant. Yeah it well accustomed contest you do you just sat there and a picture at buddies they had to beat us who don't get bogged down contest content on un and doing I wanna know something about I think I want to win now right they did you know posted on is to grant. And on their FaceBook is what I yeah customs is. Stop saying contest. It was a just. Definitely chart of the dollar each result means either people wouldn't do it anymore or they may call money. That's the way then they would be able in the context.