Szechuan Sauce Dilemma

Tuesday, October 10th

Sean, Charley, and Matty discuss the craze over McDonalds new Szechuan Sauce & the outrage pouring in due to the limited amounts per location. 


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As the get a show on 987 Simon would you say this warm October is more like steamed veggies or a hot cup cocoa is started. Heidi it's night annie's god as the number evoking both of your man cards that right now pay use and it. Did you see where the Sichuan saw Scott bought up so fast and everybody freaked out about it at McDonald's. Yet they and they even had to call the cubs is some places does there was Jim many people there heard chanting we will lets us meanwhile saw thousands and thousands of people showing up to different locations well. As you may know I can find anything on line and I have for use American morning Sichuan saw us if you want it how much did you you have the money. Why give you one right now without any imminent on on a buy it now auction for 700 dollars. Little singing of so yeah yeah one thing is hilly one Al it's like yeah. It that it that's ridiculous if you want to bid there's prices all over the place here's one for forty dollars I'd love the people who jump in there and and have like. 99 cents and you think oh my god I'm just gonna buy it just because and then you read the small print. And it's a picture of a pack of the such well now alas as you say it probably has like eighty dollars shipping and handling that could be two pet there's also just the the rapper. Here's one that to have occurred reduced 42 dollars and fifty says just for the rapper was the rapper Lichter canister gets a sauce often eaten you try. And then here's a great one you know you're searching for your session once Oscars you're desperate then this listing is for. Not McDonald's Ricky Moore research once sauce it's just a creamy ranch and it's a bye and now for a hundred bucks. Only to wind.