New Work Schedules?

Tuesday, October 3rd

Sean, Charley, & Matty discuss whether 3 hour work days are more effective and productive than your normal work schedules.


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Zoo that 97 Simon plays everything on the give up show. Matty mentioned this the other day and a dual research he said there are work days should really only be three hours I agree yeah well. Mean if we'd like you get three solid hours of work and you guys a bloody man. What I'd in history yeah wind's starting when it's a little while ago. A there's of survey out there from voucher cloud that says the average amount of time that employees are actually productive work. There's two hours and 53 minutes safe which for most people get chipped to about lunch and then you don't really do anything productive the rest of the day. I don't believe I know I'm doing stuff throughout the CI. I feel like though if I had like if I was told you have three hours to get this done. I would do things faster and I wouldn't around as much good little give and give you three Morales how the stuff when you get I don't know that I get to go home not see if you can focus like that if you're capable of doing you know you can be super focused and productive for three hours than you can do it again highlighted. Yeah are you counting the hours we're here in my office sighing heavily looking out the window as productive time that is me taken breaks which I'm allowed by law talking about the guy across the latest catch is is that most don't because he might be listen right now but oh ops I. They share we're not talking about to achieve. After we do our two hours of 53 minutes of work here's what we do the rest of today OK check in social media 44 minutes and hung news web sites one hour five minute discussing out of work activities like to get scratches head you know it's. Make him hot drinks seventeen yes smoke breaks 23 minutes no texting and instant message in fourteen minute yeah evidence neck eight minutes how making that food and offices seven minutes. Making calls to your friends or your partner and I lose only eighteen minutes. This 118. Minutes yet this what I definitely don't want you on the phone all morning the evidence. Searching for a new job to what else I know it's up. Okay. President Bob.