Leaf Blower Addiction

Tuesday, October 3rd

How annoying are those leaf blowers at 7 AM in the morning? Well, Sean, Charley, & Matty discuss how aggrevating they can be, even though Sean reveals a little addiction to leaf blowing he has himself.


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Sentence and then again so I can't stop you that's received I didn't do the right yeah and you and you like stop it so you know. The the the woody called the leaf blower has become the soundtrack to the weekend Amalia. Every other aliens are certain to fall surveys out dinner at around and I used to be all the way against them I used to think we we got to sign a petition. We have to have where they can't turn those things on between the hour of let's let's say you can't turn them on until after 10 o'clock in the morning you care Rodham after 6 o'clock at night I we rates because they're noisy and they can't be that great. Well guess what I like Alan I got one and I love. So much I can't stop you better not do it before 10 o'clock in the morning we'll I don't know that I will but I mean of third hits me there's no fight it because it is so satisfying. Eight is when you get to nine I mean you're all different our gas and immediate Danny C is no he's did you neatly blown them away all the every is what the lenses that's another mulch is them alone know even better I bet it is is it noisier like kids I'd getting vacuum cleaner and yeah about the same that sounds good night and you know what I haven't even taken into the yard yet all isn't doing to Baghdad and I got those old acorns as a whole that's yet. If if I see one. I'm out there blowing it actually what the market it's just on mine so it's even louder all really dances majors and aren't. Are people in your houses the neighbors loved view and edit you comment but does like come like find and stuff like Argo down in the yard give him full of birds Brinkley don't. Let's see I don't hurts love being skull and had been there I've become the problem.