A Friendly Burglary

Tuesday, October 3rd

Never help a "friend" move if you've never gone to their house! Sean tells Charley & Matty about a crazy story of 3 people who end up robbing a home of over $40,000 worth of stolen goods, after disguising it as a moving service.


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Another spectacular. Tuesday Tuesday on again today Nadia seven's I'm would you say is that how could add a love. Now here's another reason that I never. Ever helped anybody move like anybody says Damien. We're gonna be moved in this weekend if you look. I know your super strong and you live one into the couch wink wink nudge know not been good to give you beer and pizza here's a reason not to. Some guys out in Montana had some great intentions to help their buddy move yet and they ended up Robin a house of 40000 dollars were the stuff. What friends even rented that you off for him be physical I don't have a license I can't rent it leads if army. Dissolve really lining up great but so. How they've Nutley not knowing that he didn't live there you know I mean like I've been all my friends houses and only limited is toward that close yes. But they were close of the he asked them to help move that is a big step right you know if you ever -- some might help move ones don't you dare ask him do that again they've done it so they figured it out because there at his house they're looking around and they're like wait a minute we're what are all these military medals I don't recall him ever mentioning he was in the military yeah and that his girlfriends like where's the basement that you're you're an African. An in house and then when the people who actually own the house came home they called 911 and found out yes 40000 dollars worth of your stuff have been taken out of their house. Moved for them I should just sort of brilliant. You're gonna say that lookout doesn't know if Charlie ever ask you to help move. Don't do it and much pizza that seal it up just two and it's.